We bridge your knowing-doing gap.

Leadership Development

Leaders who want to move the needle toward sustainable transformation, acknowledge that their personal transformation is an inherent part of the journey.

We coach leaders individually or in group to create traction through 3 levers: shifting mindsets (think sustainable), challenging habits (act sustainable), re-setting identity (be sustainable).

Executive Team Coaching

Leading executive teams understand that ‘teambuilding’ is nonsense, yet ‘teaming’ is key. They challenge and support each other to live up to a more ambitious purpose.

Deeply rooted in the history of Unicorn is a unique knowhow on team development connecting clear visioning, effective organising and safe teaming.

Cultural Transformation

As any human, each organisation has its own DNA: a culture with the power to make or break sustainable transformation.

At Unicorn, we enable organisations to diagnose, shape and cascade their aspirational culture, carefully aligned with their strategy and structure, so people and business can thrive.

Organisational Design

There are no crappy people, only crappy systems.

At Unicorn, we dig deep into your structural challenges and help you shape an organisational design that enables your strategy and supports your culture – on macro and micro level and from scratch if needed.

We let the human side of change be our driving force because sustainable transformation is always achieved through and for people.

All the above will make no sense…

.. unless you can make the soft hard.

At Unicorn, we build on an evidence-based approach to guide the design and implementation of any transformation.

We develop innovative and scientifically validated tools and guarantee a smart use of data, generated via our tooling platform or collected in your organisation.